Lovell Historical Society

Post Office Box 166

Lovell, Maine 04051

(207) 925-3234

Fall 2018 – The Lovell – Fryeburg Stage

Summer 2018 – Summers at Eastman Hill

Spring 2018 – The House on the Hill; The Eleanor Walker Collection

Winter 2018 –  The Legacy of John Warren McKeen; Reflections on the 1990 Ice Fishing Derby

Fall 2017 – Marsden Hartley, American Artist; Wesley Adams, Hunter & Trapper

Summer 2017 – Pioneers in Military Service: Lovell Women in Uniform in World War II;  McClelland Barclay, American Illustrator

Spring 2017 – Bertha Keniston, 1876-1964;  North Lovell: Terrific Thunderstorm

Winter 2017 – The John Charles Farm; Chapman Family Photo Album

Fall 2016 – Annie Heald School

Summer-2016 – Lake Kezar Country Club

Spring 2016 – Paul Morton; Lovell’s Bicentennial Celebration

Winter 2016 – Look What Eric Found

Fall 2015 – Marcellus Lovejoy Stearns

Summer 2015 – Memories of Bishop George Cadigan in Lovell: A Gift from a Father

Spring 2015 – The Volk Family at Hewnoaks

Winter 2015 – Windy Hill Farm, West Lovell; Albra Lord (1846-1933) ; Dot Kilgore (1922-1978)

Fall 2014 – The Kezar Lake Outlet Dam

Summer 2014Conifer As I Remember It

Spring 2014 – The Hardest Duty 1st Sergeant William W. Durgin and the Lincoln Funeral Train; Waldo Seavey Lovell’s Surveyor & Ace Shot

Winter 2014 –  Reminiscences of Elbridge Gerry Kimball

Fall 2013 – Corn Canning in Lovell; Society Folk Will Pick Corn Until Crop Saved

Spring 2013 – Lovell Loses a LandmarkGranville and Ocean Ann Martin Living on the Edge in the Civil War

Summer 2013 – William Armstrong Fairburn and Westways

Winter 2013  – Cyrus K. Chapman, Town Columnist

Fall 2012 – Uncle Steve Kimball; Carrie Returns to Lovell

Summer 2012 – QuisisanaGustave F Heim (1879-1933)

Spring 2012 – An Ordinary Man: James C. Stearns and the American Civil War;  John “Snarval” Fox

Winter 2012 – Eastman Hill Stock Farm ;  Mike Hall

Fall 2011 – Widow Walker Club; Otis True Returns to Lovell ; The Kimball-Scott Library Collection

Summer 2011 – George R. Stephenson 1856-1945; A Fish Story

Spring 2011 – Kezar Lake’s “Camp Crowd” ; Dear Hod: The Civil War Letters of Horace Dresser

Winter 2011 –  The Meeting House; The Egg Lady of Lovell

Fall 2010 – The Story Behind the Garcelon Mansion; Newest Pullman Car Honors Lake Kezar at Lovell Maine; Garcelon’s Letter from Gettysburg

Summer 2010 – Mudjekeewis, A Camp for GirlsA Brief History of Camp MudjekeewisRecollections of Mudjekeewis Through the Thirties

Spring_2010 – Jim Vance, Blacksmith  ; Digging for Indian Artifacts

Winter 2010 – Pursuing my Parents on their HoneymoonThe 16th Maine Infantry Regiment at Gettysburg: Lovell and the Civil War